The paintings of Stephen Hall and Rob Plater are a provocative marriage of fierce imagery with refined and raw talent. Though their styles would be considered by most as dissimilar, they create a very real and surreal depiction of our modern times. The more "traditional" painter, Mr Hall devises beauteous backgrounds sometimes layered with gritty and violent scenes... while the street artist, Mr Plater, displays a more tender heart, even in his involvement with superheros, villains and fantasy. Together they immerse you into their hypnotic, quixotic and exotic world.


About Us

We're a contemporary art gallery located in NYC's Lower East Side neighborhood with the mission to bring daring exhibitions, a myriad of festivities and all-around good vibes to the community.

Our 2,000 sq/ft gallery boasts an upstairs loft and 11 skylights, providing a truly special experience for art lovers, locals, and visitors alike.

In addition to art shows, we feature evening jam sessions and other musical performances to be enjoyed among the art.

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Photo Credit: ms.akr