Press Release

Daniel Rosenbaum’s newest paintings make use of expressive, organic forms that are juxtaposed against a geometric grid. This method of combining different forms is related to the Japanese movement known as Gutai, which started in the 1950's.The Gutai movement rebelled against a totalitarian regime and espoused the motto "do what no one has done before!" as their central principle. To this end they desired to physically engage with an extraordinary range of materials by connecting matter (paint, chemicals, tar, mud water) with physical action (breaking, exploding, tearing, dripping).

This is the ideal that Rosenbaum’s paintings strive to achieve . They often involve the actions of his entire body impressing the wet canvas. Through meditation, dreams and his knowledge of Tai Chi, he is discovering hidden energy patterns and incorporating them into unusual perspectives on canvas. This energy activates a visual push-pull for dominance between the geometric and organic forms. The artist’s process begins with gestures as a starting point and ends with Rosenbaum’s non-representational composition showing the imaginative suspension of time in space. The process is spontaneous, but intellectually controlled, inspiring a sense of joy.

Daniel Rosenbaum has lived and worked in New York City since 1985. He received his B.F.A. from The School of Visual Arts and his M.F.A. from Brooklyn College, also having attended the New York Studio School of Painting and Rhode Island School of Design. His work has been featured in group shows in every year of his professional career and written about in both Art Critical and the New York Times.