Stephen Hall & Rob Plater

November 18 - January 7, 2016

Opening party November 18, 7 PM


The paintings of Stephen Hall and Rob Plater are a provocative marriage of fierce imagery with refined and raw talent. Though their styles would be considered by most as dissimilar, they create a very real and surreal depiction of our modern times. The more "traditional" painter, Mr Hall devises beauteous backgrounds sometimes layered with gritty and violent scenes... while the street artist, Mr Plater, displays a more tender heart, even in his involvement with superheros, villains and fantasy. Together they immerse you into their hypnotic, quixotic and exotic world. 

SH & RP image01.jpg


Stephen Hall, born in Scotland, is an artist who takes a traditional approach to a modern subject. Now living in New York, his work is indicative of a surging talent which has been refined over many years. Each of his paintings is a composition of numerous layers, executed without any modern trickery such as digital assistance or an airbrush and the resulting lush density of color and variation of light owns the viewer's attention.

Through his work, Stephen explores the relationship we have with not just each other, but times, places and surroundings - couple this with a desire to portray the underlying order in our increasingly chaotic lives and you end up with vivid, yet somewhat intoxicating imagery, finished with a slick style and intense precision. 

Stephen has not only been exhibiting worldwide since the early 80's, but his work also resides in corporate and private collections and has been featured in movies, music videos and magazines. On top of this he has also illustrated book covers for A.A. Milne, J.G. Ballard and Russell Greenan among others.


Robert Plater was born 1988 in Queens, New York and was raised in East New York, Brooklyn. Early childhood influences from comics, illustration, Hip-Hop and Graffiti were admired and explored for a number of years though drawing. While attending Towson University, this passion for drawing eventually transitioned into painting. Acrylic and oil paint were the main tools he used to combine the graphic qualities of illustration and Graffiti with the more traditional techniques of drawing and painting. After receiving his BA from Towson, Robert then moved on to the New York Academy of Art in pursuit of an MFA degree.  At the Academy, Robert worked to expand his knowledge of human anatomy and traditional painting/drawing techniques. The re‐appropriation of aesthetics and traditions within his works serve to bridge the gap between his favorite genres within the extensive history of image making. 

Aside from various commission projects and exhibitions, Robert is a knock-out muralist with many visible works throughout the city.