The Soiled Garden 
July 9﹣August 26, 2016
Opening Reception: Tuesday, July 12th 6-9pm

Press Release

Buddy Warren Gallery is pleased to present “The Soiled Garden”, a mixed media show featuring works by five artists: Diane Savona, Seren Morey, Tommy Mishima, Virginia Wagner and Jim Butler.

Like your grandmother’s hand-me-down antique cabinet, nothing is perfect unless it has imperfections. In the hidden defects of life we can find true beauty. The metaphors in these mixed media works are double-edged visions of history, personal and cultural. As one meanders through the gallery, these varying techniques of artistry will come to life and grow around you as only the most wonderful garden can. From the most vibrant heart of nature to the darkest depths of humanity, “The Soiled Garden” touches on motifs that inspire, repulse and enlighten.

Diane Savona’s works in textiles incorporates found objects with deep ties to past lives. Her pieces hold the keys to history and are reflected in the components of her work. To view her pieces is an archaeological tour of the cultural world.

What is a garden without growth? The three dimensional paintings of Seren Morey are organic creations growing out of our walls and into your imagination…. Are they alive?

Tommy Mishima’s surreal paintings touch upon the eerie and unsettling in our modern culture. His work is sure to strike nerves and provoke introspective thoughts about the themes of everyday life.

The unique dreamscapes of Virginia Wagner embrace the dichotomy between the harshness of the natural world and human progress. Her bold images reflect a juxtaposition between preservation and death.

Jim Butler’s glass vases are powerful statements reflecting both the audacity and weight of the natural world around us. The three pieces exhibited here are very much the rocks which ground our soiled garden.